Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Colourfully lighted bar

Remember the post about the wintergarden cafe? I suggested this cafe to a good friend of mine to meet and chat. Her text message reply was that she found that place too posh and she didn't feel like dressing up. Actually in my opinion it is not nifty and I would have worn my blue jeans anyway.
So she suggested another place. I assumed less fancy. Then when I arrived I thought I had mistaken the place. It was really chic! When you entered the bar there were a couple of tables layed with white tablecloth, waiters in black uniform and a fantastically colourfully lighted bar. I liked to sit just opposite the bar at high tables watching this surreal light. This place also had a nice lounge area but I forgot to take pictures of it. So thanks to my friend I got to know another interesting place very close to our home.


  1. Love the lights of the bar! :-)
    Xx, Angie

    1. Yes, especially in winter time it's good to have lots of lights! With colour!!!