Friday, 22 November 2013

Fake wedding cake

Our office secretary Diana got married last week and our team wanted to surprise her at the registry office. So lovely Angie, our new colleague, came up with a creative idea to present our wedding gift: She bought scented toilet paper in three different colours, white, yellow and purple. With purple ribbon she tied the paper rolls together, 7 rolls for the first "cake layer", 5 for the second layer, 3 for the third layer and one roll for the top part. She piled them and placed a purple napkin with a white candle on top, added some transparent beads and little artificial flowers too. Then each of us wrote a mini greeting card. The cards were fixed to the ribbon as well as the banknotes which were folded into little bows/ butterflies. Our wedding "cake" was done!
I loved the creativity and Angie's great idea. And Diana and her husband were really surprised to see the whole gang in the registry office with a purple something. So our surprise worked!


  1. Very nice idea :-) Once I saw this 'butterfly-money' fixed on a little tree (planted in a pot): was also a nice effect :-)
    Have a nice week!

    1. That's a great idea too! Will keep this in my mind for the next time :-) Cheers, Sonja