Sunday, 24 November 2013

Minion completed!

Another amigurumi finished! :-) This minion project consisted of  many details, tiny little things to crochet and to sew together, for example the fingers/ gloves. Did you know the minions only have three fingers? I wouldn't know if Stephanie from All about ami didn't write about it . I followed her pattern for the minion and got some inspiration for the face from Stephanie's crochet corner, a post with pictures of other crocheted minions.
Until I cut out the eyes from felt and stitched on the mouth it looked more like a giant medicine capsule. But a "face" changed it all! I used quite a bit of glue to attatch the eyes, the gloves and the pockets of the overall. With yellow yarn I did a little embroidery on the overall and it's pockets.
Then I put everything together. Contrary to the pattern I didn't used upper and lower eyelids. I crocheted them and tried to fix them onto the face. But I liked the look without eyelids much better. So this minion has none. The trademark goggles though are indispensable!
My sister wanted the minion to hold a heart just like in the picture from the crochet corner. So I crocheted a little heart too and fixed it onto the glove.
So there he is: minion with heart :-)
He is about 23 cm tall and needs something to rest his back in order to stand on his little feet. I should have used some rice to stuff the shoes instead of cotton only. But still, I love the minion very much.
Cute little amigurumi, looking forward to see the second part of your movie soon!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Fake wedding cake

Our office secretary Diana got married last week and our team wanted to surprise her at the registry office. So lovely Angie, our new colleague, came up with a creative idea to present our wedding gift: She bought scented toilet paper in three different colours, white, yellow and purple. With purple ribbon she tied the paper rolls together, 7 rolls for the first "cake layer", 5 for the second layer, 3 for the third layer and one roll for the top part. She piled them and placed a purple napkin with a white candle on top, added some transparent beads and little artificial flowers too. Then each of us wrote a mini greeting card. The cards were fixed to the ribbon as well as the banknotes which were folded into little bows/ butterflies. Our wedding "cake" was done!
I loved the creativity and Angie's great idea. And Diana and her husband were really surprised to see the whole gang in the registry office with a purple something. So our surprise worked!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Colourfully lighted bar

Remember the post about the wintergarden cafe? I suggested this cafe to a good friend of mine to meet and chat. Her text message reply was that she found that place too posh and she didn't feel like dressing up. Actually in my opinion it is not nifty and I would have worn my blue jeans anyway.
So she suggested another place. I assumed less fancy. Then when I arrived I thought I had mistaken the place. It was really chic! When you entered the bar there were a couple of tables layed with white tablecloth, waiters in black uniform and a fantastically colourfully lighted bar. I liked to sit just opposite the bar at high tables watching this surreal light. This place also had a nice lounge area but I forgot to take pictures of it. So thanks to my friend I got to know another interesting place very close to our home.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wintergarden Café

The other weekend Peter and I took a stroll in the town. It was nice and sunny outside and lots of people were having the same idea as we had: Just to sit outside and have a coffee (for me a hot chocolate). So most places were totally crowded and no vacant seats available. We decided to return home and have a quiet coffee on our window sill. But on our way back we passed a place were we could sit and have drink. It was the courtyard of a complex of buildings with a glass ceiling. So it was almost as sitting outside.
 They had olive trees and a huge palm tree, a sort of Mediterranean atmosphere.
Very relaxing: Just a few people around and sitting outside and inside at the same time. And of course we had our hot chocolates. Happy, happy :-)
Actually this place is also a bar with sports TV facilities inside the building. There are a couple of offices around and some shops. One of the shops is a kitchen supplier with very fancy stuff. Amazing what you can supply your kitchen with!
Anyhow, our afternoon stroll ended  in (re-)discovering a nice wintergarden type of cafe we will surely visit again.