Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A view from my office window

For more than two weeks now we have great sunny summer weather. It seems to get hotter and hotter every day, and by now we have 34 degrees Celsius! Luckily my office is still relatively cool when keeping the windows shut. This is the view from my office window:

Little by little clouds are sneaking into the picture. Maybe we are going to have rain?
Yes! The first rain clouds are arriving, hopefully bringing some wind and coolness.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hexagon Blanket

"What kind of background did you choose for your blog?", I have been asked. Well, at the beginning of this year I have been browsing the Internet for ideas for a new crochet project and I came across a blog called Attic24. There I fell in love with the beautiful hexagon blanket made by the very talented Lucy. The bright colours and somehow flowery shaped hexagons appealed to me immediately and I began to look for propper yarn. I was a bit hesitant though if I would be able to do such a large crochet project. Until then I just crocheted some amigurumis and a shawl.... But it turned out to be lots of fun. You can crochet just parts of the hexagon which made it a perfect carry-around-project.

And when the number of hexagons grows you can play with colour combinations. I have used 12 different colours, each hexagon consists of 4 different colours, so this makes up to over 20.000 colour combinations! Still I had to watch out since some colours seem to stick together more than others.
In the beginning my blanket looked more like a shawl...

But eventually it became more blanket like:

And grew and grew.....

until one day - all of a sudden - it became a true blanket!

How I love my new colourful summer hexagon blanket! So much that I wanted to see it more often and it became the background of my blog.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Jour Fixe Meeting

Up to this year I have been a jaycee, a member of JCI Germany (Junior Chamber International). Even though I have passed the age limit, I'm still invited to participate in our local chapter meetings. Last Thursday was one of them. Our meeting place this time was a member company's roof garden with a great view.

There was a stylish meeting room inside with aircon....

but we preferred the roof garden for this evening. A very eloquent guest speaker gave us an insight into doing business in Russia. Even when not connected to this theme it was a vivid and entertaining narration.

Afterwards there was a barbecue and enough time to chat with everybody. A lovely summer evening on a roof garden!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Lovely Lavender

Lavender blue, such a lovely colour! I got a large pot of lavender for my birthday. And since we haven't found ourselves a garden yet, the lavender decorates our kitchen.

Oh, and the lavender scent is all over the kitchen now. This in combination with the baking heat outside will always remind me of summer!

And I made a new discovery in my app store: InstaFrame. It's a tool to edit your photos on your mobile phone. Easy to use with lots of different frames.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Yarndale Bunting Triangles

Few weeks ago I started to crochet granny bunting triangles. There is a great tutorial at Attic24.

The triangles are easy and quick to make and so much fun. I also added some flowers, a sheep and a heart...

The bunting triangles are now on their way to Yarndale, a creativity festival which will take place in Skipton, England at the end of September. Since I cannot participate at least my crochet work will.

Little Festival

We were lucky to get tickets for the so called "Kleines Fest im großen Garten" which translates to Little Festival in the Large Garden. It is cabaret-event featuring artists from around the world. The large garden refers to the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, a beautiful baroque garden:

The idea of the festival is that each artist/ group has a stage of their own, scattered across the garden area. Festival participants are to wander around the garden choosing perfomances to their liking. There are also a number of walking acts like the "jellyfish" below:

And of course lots of possibilities to have a picknick in between:

The festival closes with fire works accompanied by Händels fireworks music. It was a great evening with friends, full of laughter and happiness.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Crochet money owl

This is a birthday gift for a friend of mine who just wished for something for the piggy bank. So I did a crochet owl which carries a quiver...

with a note. In order for the owl not to lose the note in course of the party I crocheted a cover for the quiver as well.

The pattern for the owl can be found here: (it is written in German). The quiver with cover is my idea.