Monday, 29 July 2013

Hexagon Blanket

"What kind of background did you choose for your blog?", I have been asked. Well, at the beginning of this year I have been browsing the Internet for ideas for a new crochet project and I came across a blog called Attic24. There I fell in love with the beautiful hexagon blanket made by the very talented Lucy. The bright colours and somehow flowery shaped hexagons appealed to me immediately and I began to look for propper yarn. I was a bit hesitant though if I would be able to do such a large crochet project. Until then I just crocheted some amigurumis and a shawl.... But it turned out to be lots of fun. You can crochet just parts of the hexagon which made it a perfect carry-around-project.

And when the number of hexagons grows you can play with colour combinations. I have used 12 different colours, each hexagon consists of 4 different colours, so this makes up to over 20.000 colour combinations! Still I had to watch out since some colours seem to stick together more than others.
In the beginning my blanket looked more like a shawl...

But eventually it became more blanket like:

And grew and grew.....

until one day - all of a sudden - it became a true blanket!

How I love my new colourful summer hexagon blanket! So much that I wanted to see it more often and it became the background of my blog.


  1. It is a gorgeous blanket with a beautiful choice of colors!
    Thank you so much for visiting ;-)

  2. Wow Sonja. Die Decke ist wunderschön geworden!!! Viele Grüße Jessica