Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wintergarden Café

The other weekend Peter and I took a stroll in the town. It was nice and sunny outside and lots of people were having the same idea as we had: Just to sit outside and have a coffee (for me a hot chocolate). So most places were totally crowded and no vacant seats available. We decided to return home and have a quiet coffee on our window sill. But on our way back we passed a place were we could sit and have drink. It was the courtyard of a complex of buildings with a glass ceiling. So it was almost as sitting outside.
 They had olive trees and a huge palm tree, a sort of Mediterranean atmosphere.
Very relaxing: Just a few people around and sitting outside and inside at the same time. And of course we had our hot chocolates. Happy, happy :-)
Actually this place is also a bar with sports TV facilities inside the building. There are a couple of offices around and some shops. One of the shops is a kitchen supplier with very fancy stuff. Amazing what you can supply your kitchen with!
Anyhow, our afternoon stroll ended  in (re-)discovering a nice wintergarden type of cafe we will surely visit again.


  1. Very nice, specially for winter time!!!
    Xx, Angie

  2. I thought so too, but unfortunately there is no heating. So when it's around 15 degree Celsius or more it's ok. Temperatures below I find a bit too cold to sit there. Inside is also nice. Maybe we go there when you visit us? xox, Sonja