Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cozy café

The weekend before Easter we had family over visiting us. So first of all we spent all Friday tidying up, doing grocery shopping and baking a birthday cake. It was Peter's sister, lovely U.'s, birthday. And the first time for her and her daugther to visit us. Saturday morning they arrived together with Peter's parents, and having nice and sunny weather it was decided very quickly to stroll through the city. Well, strolling and shopping makes one to have a rest and stop by at a café. Unfortunately my favourite café in the old town was crowded we couldn't find a place to sit. So we continued walking.... until, all of a sudden, a very inconspicuous little place caught my eye. If there wouldn't have been some people sitting outside drinking coffe I would have never noticed this place. Stepping inside we were greeted by a lush selection of cakes and sweet little somethings. I was immediately enthralled.

The interior of the café was charming too, a mix of vintage and children's furniture, a café combined with home accessories such as porcelain, glass and decorative items and cheerful colorful toys.
 And you can have a coffe right in the middle of all this.
 What I loved very much are the cups of Pip Studio.
 Pretty, pretty, pretty!
 To our great delight, the warm drinks were served in those cups I fell in love with.
Now imagine the name of the café!
It is called "Moments of Happiness". So true indeed!

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