Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Little owl

After crocheting one lovely hexagon after another for the last couple of weeks, trying out lots of new patterns and playing with colour combinations, I tried another amigurumi pattern once again.
But firstly here are the new hexagons I did for Natasja's crochet for kidneys project I blogged about earlier.
As it is time to send them in, I started to follow a pattern of the talented Becky for a little owl. Actually I thought the owl would be much much smaller. But for this I have to use a very small hook size and much lighter yarn. Still the size is ok for decoration. The little fellow below just measures 6 cm in height. I filled half the body with rice to give it better stability. The other half is filled with stuffing material.
Now I am crocheting another owl for the first one to have a companion :-)


  1. Hello, I've crocheted some hexagons for Natasja's blankets too but they're not as pretty as yours are!! I love the little flower motifs and the different colours...I'm not patient enough!
    Lunch Lady Jan

    1. Thank you, Lunch Lady Jan! So very kind of you. I love your hexagons too. It was such a joy to crochet for Natasja's project. Cheers, Sonja