Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crochet for kidneys

First things first: Happy New Year! Have a great, creative and joyful 2014!
We had a very relaxed turn of the year, having a simple but yummy dinner with smoked salmon, potato pancake and salad. We spent the evening on the sofa watching TV, and at midnight we were gazing at the many fireworks around our place.
So now one week into the new year daily routine is back. Except for crochet projects. Last year I wrote about my new stash of yarn. So what to do with all the new yarn? Actually I planned to crochet another blanket for a long time already. And then I read about Natasja's crochet for kidneys project - and I knew exactely what to start to do with it!!!

And I love to crochet hexagons. So this is what I did the last couple of weeks:

I used the hexagon pattern compilation from moogly and Natasja's hexagon in bloom pattern. It is so much fun playing with the various colours and pattern. If you would have visited me on a weekend evening you would have seen me on the sofa covered with lots of yarn balls, scissors and a measuring tape and a heap of crocheted hexagons. What a joy! :-)))


  1. Love the way you combine the colours! :-) Xx, Angie

    1. Ah, yes, colours light up these grey winter days! Happy that you like them too. Cheers, Sonja