Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Water Colours

30 degrees Celsius again! It's been a quite hot summer for so many days that even I love to go to the open air bath. Last Saturday I met with two lovely friends of mine at our local open air bath. N. knows to swim very well and so she taught us how to do the crawl stroke. Well, it contained a lot of water swallowing and toward the end of our swimming lesson I was surprised that the water level in the pool still stayed the same. But thanks to N.'s never ending patience, S. and I did manage some crawl strokes. It was a great morning in the pool, the water so clear and so blue. As the pool began to fill up with people and became quite crowded, we decided to go to a nearby cafĂ© and had some freshly baked croissants. Hmmm, delicious! I love freshly baked pastry!
On my way back home I crossed the local canal and had a pretty view of the small harbour. How the colour of this waterway differs from the pool! So many shades of blue, I should make a blanket using those colours!

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