Thursday, 8 August 2013

Lake Festival

Summer is festival time! So we visited another festival last weekend, this time at the local lake. It takes place every year for several weeks and is very popular. The site is an artificial lake with lots of recreation facilities and water sports. If you walk around the lake you will have done a 6 km walk. And this is what I actually like about the lake festival: you can walk pleasantly along the water with pretty scenery and yummy things to eat and drink along your way. You can stop by to listen to some music from the various stages around the lake. You can have hustle and bustle at the north and south sides of the lake and forest at the west and something in between at the east.
The following picture was taken from the west side of the lake and you can see the dome of the so called "new town hall" in the centre.
Some tranquil scenery:
The north side...
...filling with people.

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